19 enero 2005

Avance: Marvel en abril

Me íba ya a la cama, a verme Braindead como un señor, cuando me encuentro en el Spider-Man Message Board que alguien ha encontrado las solicitaciones de Marvel para abril (http://www.honnou.com/ryan/previews/marvel.txt). Todavía no están las imágenes, pero sí las descripciones. Vamos a echar un vistazo a las de Spidey... y a otras cosas de interés. La primera, los TPB. ¡Quiero estos!!! She-Hulk Vol. 2: Superhuman Law TPB Supreme Power Vol. 1 HC Marvel Visionaries: Steve Ditko HC Ya era hora que sacaran un Visionarios de Ditko. 336 páginas por 30 dólares de nada. Atentos al material: TALES TO ASTONISH #26 and #42; STRANGE TALES #94, #97, #110, #115, #126, #127 and #146; AMAZING ADULT FANTASY #7, #10, #12, #13 and #14; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1, #31-33 and ANNUAL #1; HULK #6 and #249; TALES OF SUSPENSE #48; DAREDEVIL #162; MARVEL SUPER-HEROES SPECIAL; and SPEEDBALL #1.

Me gusta que haya tanto material Pre-Marvel. ¿Speedball? Bueno, desde luego, era suyo

...Y también tenemos un:

Fantastic Four/Spider-Man TPB

Que lleva lo siguiente:


(Curioso: dos de esos tebeos caerán más o menos por las mismas fechas en Panini)

Calentando motores para la peli de los Cuatro Efe, vamos. Ahora vamos con los tebeos arácnidos propiamente dichos: SPIDER-MAN AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #519 Written by J. Michael Straczynski Pencils & Cover by Mike Deodato "NEW AVENGERS" Part 1 (of 6) Trump Tower has nothing on Spider-Man… Hold onto your hats, True Believers! Springing out of the pages of NEW AVENGERS, you won’t believe what the fickle hand of fate has in store for Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Aunt May… 32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.25

Todo gira en torno a los Nuevos Vengadores. ¿Será porque venden 240.000 ejemplares? Me gusta que JMS también se meta de hoz y coz en el tema. Ya está bien de ir cada uno por su lado. MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #13 Written by Reginald Hudlin Penciled by BILLY TAN Cover by STEVE McNIVEN Hollywood heavyweight Hudlin (HOUSE PARTY, BOOMERANG) has already brought you his searing vision for Black Panther. Now he’s teaming up with red-hot artist Billy Tan (X-23) to shake up everyone’s favorite web-slinger. In part one of "Wild Blue Yonder," Peter Parker’s life is turned upside down. He’s got an incredible new pad (you won’t believe where), a new job, and -- although he doesn’t know it -- a new nemesis who’s everything that Peter isn’t. But first, Spider-Man’s got to deal with a more pressing problem – a shape-shifting super-villain who’s developed a nasty habit…and will do anything to feed it. And Wait – Who’s that hitting on Mary Jane!? 32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.99 Más de lo mismo, esta vez con Lobezno tirando los tejos a MJ. TOXIN #1 (OF 6) Written by Peter Milligan Penciled by Darick Robertson Painted Cover by ESAD RIBIC As each new generation of men must hand down the torch to the next, so each new generation of alien symbiotes must hand down the, ah, stringy, fleshy tendrils. So move over Venom, step aside Carnage, because TOXIN is getting his own limited series as Spider-Man Month continues with a nod to NEW AVENGERS! When a full-scale jailbreak [see NEW AVENGERS] leaves New York overrun with super villains, Pat sees the perfect opportunity to use the creature sharing his body for good. But Toxin might have other ideas! Featuring a special guest appearance by Spider-Man and a different villain encounter every issue! 32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.99 Esto supongo que ha caído aquí por venderlo mejor: ¡El hijo de Matanza consigue miniserie propia! Compraré el TPB. Los autores lo merecen. Y la primera parte (Venom vs. Carnage) estaba más que bien. OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE: SPIDER-MAN 2005 Written by AL SJOERDSMA, MIKE FICHERA, SEAN MCQUAID, RONALD BYRD, HEATHER BUCHANAN, KERRY WILKINSON, ERIC ENGELHARD, JASON GODIN, BARRY REESE, BRYAN THIESSEN & JEFF CHRISTIANSEN Cover by Tom Raney & MORRY HOLLOWELL The spectacular sequel to last year’s OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE: SPIDER-MAN 2004, this Official Handbook contains in-depth bios on more than 30 of the wisecracking web-slinger’s closest allies and most infamous enemies – including the Stacy Twins, fresh from the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and Toxin, in time for this month’s TOXIN #1! Plus: An all-new cover by superstar artist Tom Raney, digitally painted by Morry Hollowell. 48 PGS./Marvel PSR …$3.99 Me encanta: ¡Los Handbook tienen continuidad en 2005! Un alegrón, de verdad. Aunque no sé qué diablos añadirán... ah, vaya, Gabrielle y Sarah... MARVEL MILESTONES: VENOM Written by JIM SHOOTER & STAN LEE Penciled by MIKE ZECK & STEVE DITKO Cover by MIKE ZECK Celebrating 65 years of titanic tomes from the House of Ideas, MARVEL MILESTONES makes its triumphant return to the comics scene! Experience the highs, lows and in-betweens of Marvel's finest – monthly -- in full color! This issue: In time for TOXIN #1, there comes a costume! It’s the first appearance of Venom, as Spider-Man’s new symbiotic black costume, from SECRET WARS #8! Plus: The first appearance of Hercules from JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY ANNUAL #1! 48 PGS./All Ages…$3.99 Qué cosa más rara, madre mía... Qué tendrá que ver Hércules con Veneno... Uhm, quiero la portada de Zeck SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT! #1 (of 5) Written by TONY BEDARD Pencilled by MANUEL GARCIA Cover by MIKE DEODATO The New Avengers riot hits here! The jailbreak of the century causes more havoc in the Marvel U as a flood of the most dangerous villains on the planet pour into the streets of New York City! And caught between two warring cliques of escaped convicts is everyone's favorite Web-slinger! 32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.99 De ella hablamos largo y tendido en la web. El morbo: un español dibujando Spider-Man. SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #27 Written by PAUL JENKINS Pencils & Cover by MARK BUCKINGHAM Paul Jenkins wraps up his five-year tenure as a Spider-Man writer and brings SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN to a close in a moving, self-contained tale that reunites him with artist Mark Buckingham. 32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.99 La despedida de Jenkins con sorpresa incluida: la vuelta de Buckingham. Gran etapa la que se cierra. MARY JANE: HOMECOMING #2 (of 4) Written by SEAN McKEEVER Pencils & Cover by TAKESHI MIYAZAWA "The Friendship Thing" Liz has been acting snarkier than usual, and Mary Jane is determined to get some answers--even if it costs her their friendship! At the same time, Flash and Harry make an awkward attempt at revisiting a time when they were the best of friends. Check out the latest installment of the critics darling! 32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.99 Lo dicho más abajo: bonito sin más. SPIDER-GIRL #85 Written by Tom DeFalco Pencils & Cover by Ron Frenz From the Dragon King to the Goblin Queen, the daughter of Spider-Man has faced her share of formidable foes. This time, Spider-Girl learns that her old enemy Funny Face has attacked the local police headquarters and is holding her dad hostage! 32 PGS./All Ages …$2.99 Y sigue, y sigue, y sigue... SPIDER-MAN/ HUMAN TORCH #4 (of 5) Written by Dan Slott Penciled by Ty Templeton Cover by Paul Smith It’s taken awhile, but it looks like these two young heroes are finally becoming good friends. What could possibly come between them now? Would you believe… a girl? It’s a love triangle that ends in a kitty-corner, when the Torch puts the moves on Spidey’s latex-wearing bad girl, the Black Cat! Is Johnny her new red-hot lover, or a cat’s-paw for her latest heist? This one’s got it all, spider-fan: the black costume, the Black Cat, and… wait for it… the Black Panther?! 32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.99 Arg, todavía no tengo el primero!!! qué ganas, qué ganas, qué ganas!!! ARAÑA #4 Written by Fiona Avery Penciled by Roger Cruz Cover by Mark Brooks "BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH" Spider-Man makes his first featured appearance, as part of April’s Spider-Man Month! After her disastrous fight with a teen assassin leaves Anya up the creek without a paddle, it’s up to Spidey to lend a hand to the new kid in town! Maybe he can give her tips on how to deal with members of the press – especially when they happen to be your investigative reporter dad tracking your new identity! Meanwhile, the harsh reality of collateral damage hits Anya like a ton of bricks…and lands one of her teammates in Intensive Care. Enough with the destiny stuff already! It’s time for Anya to take her fate into her own hands…even if that means paying a terrible price. 32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.99 Arf, todavía no he leído el primero! qué pocas ganas, qué pocas ganas, qué pocas ganas!! (Por lo menos dibuja Roger Cruz) Y aparte de Spider-Man, apuntaría algunas cositas: * El regreso de Power Pack, con un editor (Marc Sumerak) escribiendo. Me llama la atención porque fue una editora (Louise Simonson) quien inventó este maravilloso grupo. Es una miniserie de Marvel Age (lógico, no sé cómo no se les ocurrió antes), pero menos da una piedra. * El último número (el 14) de Captain America & Falcon. Demasiado tarde descubrieron que no se puede empezar una serie colocando de dibujante a Bart Sears. Una lástima. * Karl Kesel y Tom Grummett en Cuatro Fantásticos. Vaya, sólo son dos números. Con lo bien que lo hizo Kesel en los episodios de Bagley. Supongo que el mes que viene, llega JMS. *Pero el cómic que más me llama la atención es: G.L.A. #1 (of 4) Written by Dan Slott Pencils & Cover by Paul Pelletier They are the Great Lake Avengers, the guys who got the shortest end of the super-hero stick. But with the REAL Avengers disassembled, they’re going to try to step up to the plate and deal with one of their most powerful villains! Can they save the day? Well, we just hope these guys can save themselves!THIS ISSUE: A GREAT LAKE AVENGER DIES! (Besides Mr. Immortal, duh.) Special appearances by: Captain America, Thor, the Vision, the Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye.32 PGS./Marvel PSR …$2.99 Sí!! Dan Slott escribiendo los Vengadores de los Grandes Lagos!!! Esto puede ser el equivalente marveliano de la JLE de Giffen y DeMatteis!!! Ahora sí. Felices sueños!!