21 octubre 2005

Dan Slott sabe

Y si no, leed lo que dice acerca de la identidad secreta de Spidey y comprenderéis que cada día tengo más motivos para quererle guionizando Spider-Man cada mes: It's THIS simple, unless LIVES ARE IN DANGER, Pete should NEVER give away or jeapordize his secret identity. It's his secret and as long as Aunt May, Mary Jane, or heck-- even Betty, Robbie, Flash, or even JONAH-- are STILL ALIVE and in possible harm's way-- Pete should do EVERYTHING in his power to keep that identity a SECRET! If somebody DOES know? He should do EVERYTHING in his power to get some kind of mind-wiping ray and zap it out of there heads! I mean, he shouldn't even WILLINGLY give his secret away to fellow superheroes! 'Cause really, HOW many times have THEY been mind-controlled? How do you think Peter felt when WOLVERINE was running around during the ENEMY OF THE STATE arc-- knowing that WOLVERINE knew his secret ID back from the SPIDER-MAN VS. WOLVERINE one-shot? Hey, if YOU knew of a number of times when Luke Cage had been taken over by the PURPLE MAN (as far back as an early MTU ANNUAL), would you trust HIM with your Secret ID? I sure-as-h*ll wouldn't! From experience, Peter KNOWS that ANY superhero (or agency like SHIELD) has times when they fall under enemy-control. Even CAPTAIN AMERICA has been brainwashed by the Red Skull! So, NO, Pete shouldn't even let SUPERHEROES know. To do so would risk the lives of everyone he cares about. To do so would be IRRESPONSIBLE. And we ALL know how Peter feels about responsibility, right? Anyway-- if I EVER got my hands on one of the core Spidey titles I would do EVERYTHING in my power to fix (NOT retcon) this Status Quo-- knocking the "list" down to less than 10. Aunt May, MJ, a FEW heroes (including ONE telepath, who'd give Peter some kind of mental firewall so OTHER telepaths couldn't find out), and ONE-maybe-two villains (for a touch of suspense). And that's it. I know that there's a lot of people out there that feel that Secret Identities are passé-- that in this day and age of forensic science, they're downright ludicrous. But in the case of Spider-Man-- due to his strong sense of guilt and responsibility-- and ESPECIALLY after the love of his life died BECAUSE of his Secret Identity being compromised-- more than ANY other hero, his Secret Identity should be fought for tooth-and-nail. That's just my opinion.